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Our mission is to reduce health disparities in minority communities with our unique approach (Basic Health Education For All; BHEFA) to patient care and community involvement.  In minority communities, many patients often don’t seek care or clash with the current system because of cultural differences. The social determinants of health include factors that are intricately linked to the socioeconomic and cultural views of individuals. Therefore, it is expedient to approach healthcare delivery to immigrants through the filter of their unique views, especially those that may be largely influenced by their race and ethnicity.   


  We work to integrate patients on the fringe of the healthcare system through culturally sensitive health literacy campaigns, community-based health screenings and our culturally conscious health education television program. It is only through partnership with the communities in which we serve that true transformation will occur and disparities can be reduced. We believe that it is possible for everyone to obtain the same quality care and our mission is centered on making this goal a reality."


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